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While at VFS, I had the privilege to work with a wonderful cast and crew for five days on this project! It was an amazing experience! This is a short I wrote about an army wife coping with the absence of her husband. It's directed by Matthew Lillard and stars Arielle Tuliao and Jared Wolfblood Abrahamson. The crew included VFS film students and film professionals Michael Chase, Barry Haggis and Andrew Moxham.

If you want to learn more about Matthew Lillard's connections to VFS check out:

Here is a link to the behind the scene photos!

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This is the port short film I wrote while at VFS. It was directed by the amazing Hilary Marsh and stars Barry Haggis and Amy Lee (McGrath) Haggis.

Three Little Words was filmed in four hours by Wade Fennig's amazing crew on Laura Doyle's ranch. Both were my instructors at VFS. I feel so fortunate to have secured this location! When I wrote the script, I knew we were limited in our filming venues, so my description read:

A quaint rancher with a manicured yard and flowers...

Laura's ranch added an authentic feel to the cowboy motif in my script. I also wrote most of the scenes to be shot indoors, but it was such a nice day we elected to shoot outside. And the Vancouver showers even held off until we finished filming.

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In October 2010, I traveled to Lake Chelan in Washington to help film the Thunderboat races!

The amazing crew!!

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