Sunday, March 25, 2012

A week without my computer

So for the last week I haven't had a working computer... and it's been great. I didn't realize how much time I wasted surfing the web for irrelevant crap, which I had convinced myself was 'research' for new story ideas.

In the last few days, I filled up a few pages in my sketchbook, wrote a short story for an NPR creative contest, put the finishing touches on another short story (which I'll post once I finish the illustration), sketched some more, ran 16 miles and read two books --

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: Two competing circus illusionists fall in love and must escape 'the contest' in which they have been bound since childhood by their mercurial masters. It's a wonderfully rich love story set in a magical night circus venue that arrives in cities without warning. Worth the read.

A Fine and Pleasant Misery by Patrick McManus: A collections of cautionary tales of outdoor life. Because after all that love and drama, I needed something funny to cleanse the old palette for my next read which will hopefully be either William Goldman's The Princess Bride, Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black's Spiderwick Chronicles, or 24 producer Howard Gordon's Hard Target. Will see which hold reaches the Mar Vista Library first. PLUS, I'm open to suggestions if you have prose that you fancy.

And these are some pictures I've taken on my walkabouts. P.S. you can click on a photo and then you can scroll through them as a photo album - especially if you want to view them at a larger size.

The Venice Pier

A lonely sail boat

Statue of Santa Monica near PCH

Circus down at the Santa Monica Pier

The Fishing Scene in Venice

LAPD's finest and the officers that ride them

And back to the Venice Canals

This is my favorite mansion

Not a lot going on down south, but I am glad to have my computer back. Especially on such a rainy day. Hope all is well and that your NCAA bracket is not a train wreck like mine.

Oh yeah, and I did this watercolor other day too.

Until next time...

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  1. Nice work Kyle! Enjoyed the read and the photos.