Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Temescal Canyon

It's a little over ten miles from my apartment, which makes it about a 45 minute drive (in mild traffic). Good thing I got up at the butt crack of dawn... to hike in the rain. Let me be more specific, it was merely a mild pain-in-the-ass down pour. Enough to be irritating, but not enough to keep me indoors. And since I'd fought traffic, by God I was going to do some hiking.

The only people crazy enough to be out in this weather were a few die hard speed walkers, a grandmother jogger and a film crew at the park entrance. Not sure what they were prepping to film since most of the crew was hunkered under a big tent warming their hands with a giant stage light.

So this is the trail...

I did do some brighting and contrasting...

To add a little more light to the scenes...

So you don't feel as creeped out as I did hunched under a canopy of snarled creeper trees. I will continue to refer to them as creeper trees since they grabbed, pinched and swiped at me all the way up the hill.

Oh look, the sun's out over in Malibu.

This is a picture of a log. A half a second earlier it would have been a picture of a log and a bunny. Quick little devils. But not quick enough judging from all the coyote scat.

I feel this trail needs a sign. To the right is Temescal Canyon Trail. To the left is where they hide the dead bodies.

And this was my destination. SKULL ROCK.
See it? No. Wait for it...
Wait for it...
There it is!

I had to crawl up around the rocks and through a gaggle of creeper trees to find this angle that looked kinda like a skull.

And as I was almost back to the blazer, the sun came out. Typical.

This is the view of LA... through the smog...

Which refused to be suppressed by a little rain. Typical.

This was hike one of what I hope will be an on-going series where I explore the 'hidden gem of wilderness' around LA. My inspiration, Robert Stones 135 Great Day hikes around Los Angeles. It was my splurge for the month.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bryce Canyon

A Cossairt shortcut: The route Bryan and I took in 2006. We woke up at the butt crack of dawn and gunned my little sister's Neon up an icy canyon trail with hair pin turns and no guard rails. We topped out on a butte, surrounded by four feet of snow. I'm not sure this was a time saving route as the map suggested, but it was an adventure. Along the way we knocked/scraped/ripped a few unwanted plastic undercarriage covers off my sister's car and not only increased her aerodynamics but also her gas milage. You're welcome, Bean.
The adventure crew in 2010
The pictures that follow are a combination of two different trips to Bryce Canyon, five years apart, shot with three different cameras by three different Cossairts. I'm not sure which pictures are mine or theirs, so I'm just going to say enjoy our pictures...

Moments before we 'spidermaned' through a ice crevice and zig-zagged up a hill crowded with unsure footed foreigners getting a late start into the canyon.

If you are interested in visiting the park, check out for more information.