Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marina Del Rey – LA’s Riviera

The day started off bleak. Not only did I get a late start, but the marine layer (heavy fog) looked to be settling in for good. So I stopped by the Visitor Center, grabbed a map and planned to head home. I’d hit the Marina another day, when the sun was out. As I pocketed the map, the attendant handed me a post card. “In case none of yours turn out,” she said, “You’ll have one good photo.”

Thanks Information Lady. I stuffed the card into my backpack, cinched up the straps and headed out into the mist… to take some crappy photos.

And as luck would have it, the sun came out.

(Standing downwind of this thing, I'm reminded of why I loath sea lions. And then of course it opened it's mouth. What a horrid sound! The next time you feel the urge to call out, keep it to yourself you wretched sea mutt)

(Is there a rule that says every harbor must have at least one pirate? Because there should be)

(I'm thinking he's a Magnum P.I. fan too)

(somebody's living large -- check out the chopper on the back deck)

What's in a name?

You can tell a lot about a person by what they name their ship. The harbor was full of vessels dedicated to women -- whether it was the one that got away, or the one that stayed, only the christener knows. The most common beauty was Ariel. There were the sequels, Blessed II, Viking Too, R&R 2, which makes me wonder what befell the originals. There were the fish lovers, Marlin, Black Fin, Great White, the wanderers, Nomad, Gypsy, the high and mighty, Crème de la Crème, the drinkers, Mojito, Tequila, the need for speeders, Neck Sprain, Bullet, the relaxers, Chill Pill, Pain Killer, No Problems, the suck ups, Love you, Mom, the song lovers, Lost Shaker of Salt, Free Bird, Miss American Pie, Bad Moon Rising, Hang on Sloopy, Can’t Touch This (granted this could fall under the need for speed category, but I’m thinking he’s a closet MC Hammer fan), the uninhibited, Foolish Behavior, the myth hounds, Pegasus, Valkyrie, Unicorn, the creative thinkers Miss Demeanor, Maine Squeeze, Common Cents, So Knot Us, Sail Asylum, the creative drinkers, Aqualoic, Scotts ‘n’ Water, Ship Faced and the Clint Eastwood fans, Make my Day.

However, the best name I found goes to--

Yeah, I won't be riding with him anytime soon... or her. Well, maybe her.

According to the brochure, this is 'the perfect place to stay and play.' If you're not into the boat scene, there are a few parks, marina-side shopping, waterways for bird watching, plus paths to the beach and the Venice canals. If you're in the mood for fine dining, the locals recommend Killer Shrimp and Tony P's Dockside Grill. One has excellent seafood, the other has hulking steaks and big screens. I'll check them out and let you know.

So that was my adventure of the week. Until next time...

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