Friday, December 2, 2011


Welcome to the new blog!

Fresh design.
Updated name.
Same guy behind the keyboard.

Here are a few sections to look forward to--

Will give updates on my Hollywood progress from internships, to contests to jobs.

Will give you a glimpse into the crazy world I live in.

Will chronicle my mountain adventures.

Will be a collection of my sketches. Some will be just doodles, while others will be full on illustrations.

At the moment will be more of a look back at my past travels until I actually start traveling again...

Will spotlight the shorts and web series I create or collaborate on.

So let's get this started off on the right foot!



Thanksgiving was amazing.

I spent the day in Fallbrook, CA a rural town north of San Diego with my cousin's husband's family -- the Allens! It's tradition for them to play softball or kickball before Thanksgiving dinner, but this year traffic had everyone running late. So instead my cousin, her husband, his dad and I did a 40 minute circuit workout which consisted of running, medicine ball lunges, russian twists, dumbbell push ups, crunches, weighted squats etc...

It was a nice way to make room for the delicious entrees!

Stay tuned for more updates! Until next time...


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  1. Nice! So are you going to create pages for your different content or just include the title header in the blog post? Just wondering, I'll be excited to see the new format in action. You might consider one other section titled "The Immovable Walls of Heavy-D", you could recount the numerous times you slammed into a Heavy-D pick, your thoughts at that time and the recovery from the deep scars that it left in your game psyche. LOL