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Yeah, yeah, I know... I’ve been slacking off. Seriously, two months is way too long between posts. So here’s what’s happened since January 11.

First off, the 2011 NCAA tourney has been the year of the underdog! There have been some amazing, down to the wire games. Awesome, except it really killed my bracket. There’s so much red ink splashed over my online NCAA bracket that it looks like one of my high school biology quizzes. My elite eight is down to a pathetic three… 3/8 looks more like a Shaquille O’Neal free throw stat line. Still, Go UNC!!!

I snagged a part time at FedEx-Kinkos in February. I am tasked with greeting customers, shipping packages and working in production. So far I’ve helped LA Clippers SG Eric Gordon, WWE’s Diamond Dallas Page, actor Fred Ward, Chad Calek, from American Ghost Hunter and Mr. Skyhook himself, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! The FedEx crew is sincere and very welcoming. Plus the company is willing to work around my internship schedule. And the customers… well they are fodder for interesting screenplay characters.

The Mark Gordon Internship is going great. I pitched a few ideas the other day, they loved my presentation skills, said I have a firm grasp of character and plot, but I need higher concept ideas. Adding a sci-fi/fantasy element will help attract this generation of moviegoers. Also, they trust me enough to let me man an assistant’s desk and run phones. The best part is I read a buttload of scripts! * I feel buttload is the appropriate term considering the quality of some of the scripts.

I did get this compliment from the Director of Development the other day. “He writes REALLY good coverage. This kind of analysis is super helpful for me.”

So I guess I got that going for me…

In other news, the Tsunami warning turned out to be a bust. We got hammered with three-foot waves. Still... I parked my car on the upper level of the parking garage. I’ve also Mapquested a few LA exit strategies and packed a Tsunami emergency bag – water, dried food, flashlight, sunscreen, fishing pole, two sketchbooks and a handful of water resistant pens. You know, essential survival equipment. All I need now is a self-inflating raft and a fish finder and then I’m good to go. I am working for the company who made 2012. Hopefully that does not turn out to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you get a chance check out the new prime time shows Off the Map and Chicago Code. I feel they are the cream of the midseason replacement crop. Also Tangled is a really heartwarming movie. It’s on par with How to Train Your Dragon. Looking forward to Captain America, Thor and the new Pirates movie. The new 3 musketeers... not so much.

Well, it’s sunny, 70 and I am off to be a productive part of society. Until next time…


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