Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lights and Internships



It's raining in Vancouver, but that didn't stop Joe Carnahan and his crew from filming next summer's blockbuster A-Team. They had a city street blocked off so BA's stunt man could repel down a 30 story building. It was a three camera set up, one on a crane to the west, one on a pulley system that tracked BA as he raced down the building and another on a window washing cart across the street. They had Audi's, Smart cars, Mercedes and VWs on the street dressed with European plates. It's amazing how they can make downtown Vancouver look like Germany... Film making, the ultimate team sport.

It's my final term. Less than two months to go. Then I'll be back out on the street armed with a degree from one of the top film schools in North America. Crazy...

Currently I'm taking Final Feature, TV Pilot, Adaptation, Web Series, Writing for Comics, Journalism and Biz Marketing... On the side, I am gathering letters of recommendation and revamping my resume to start sending out to Hollywood production houses for internships. We're casting for web series on Monday and will be shooting four student episodes in December. I will get to work with the actors from Come Home Soon. And I am really excited to work with Chase and Mox again! Our directors for the shoot.

Last night I attended a Lights concert. She's an indie pop singer out of Toronto. Extremely talented and very fan friendly. An avid comic book reader and lover of WOW with an enthusiastic following.

Check her out. She surprised me. That's all to report for now. Just plugging away... Take care and stay tuned.


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