Monday, October 26, 2009

Been a while...



Three pigeons huddle atop the Centre Theatre. Shivering in the sun. The only warmth to be found is in the colors of the changing leaves. Winter is coming. I know it, and so do they as they huddle closer together.

Now that that is out of my system... Yeah, I know, it's been a while since my last post, so here's the run down of events since March... Really? That's the last time I wrote. Jeez...
  • I finished a full length feature about off road muscle car racing in Georgia, written a sitcom pilot about airport attendees, webisodes and commercials, have outlined my second full length feature (a western) and hour long TV pilot.
  • Mouse trapped while trying to learn to wake board (Mouse trapped is when you hit your face so hard against the water it sounds like a mouse trap... fun).
  • Hiked Two Mouth Lakes' ridge (I still can't feel my legs Bryan).
  • Watched a lot of movies (I really recommend Paranormal Activity and Zombieland).
  • Had three of my short scripts filmed. (A modern western, a drama, and thriller).
  • Worked with the talented acting students, along with my classmates, to write and produce an hour long theatre play about route 66.
  • Went to a Rugby game.
  • Watched my main man Brandon Roy and the Portland T-Blazers destroy the Phoenix Suns.
  • And attended my first Canadian Thanksgiving.
All in all it has been a very rewarding year, especially having the short scripts filmed.

Regarding the short scripts:

The Thriller was called Heart Strings - about the dangers of internet dating. It was chosen to be filmed during the VFS Summer Intensive Course. Charlotte Chanler acted in it. It should be out now, I'll check on that.

The modern western was called Three Little Words about a man who has to decide between staying with the love of his or leaving for the rodeo and one last chance at a buckle. It was directed by Hilary Marsh (she is a gem) and the actors were Barry Haggis and Amy Lee McGrath. Much props to Wade Fennig & his crew for all their hard work. We actually filmed on a spacious ranch, backed by mountains out near Port Moody - provided by Laura Doyle my TV Spec & Pilot teacher. The screening will be November 20, and posted to the web sometime after that.

I spent last week on set of my drama Come Home Soon. This film was crewed by Michael Chase, Mox and Barry, starred Arielle Tuliao & Jared Abrahamson and was directed by Matthew Lillard - his directorial debut. It was an amazing experience. The student crew was amazing, especially in the way they looked out for each other. The professional crew was a well oiled machine and Matt was so focused, enthusiastic and committed that I could not have asked for a better team to helm this project. We have some beautiful footage and a wonderful story to show later in December.

Well, I am off to dinner then a haunted house. Take care and talk to ya soon.