Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vancouver weather?



I am sitting in my domicile; taking a break from dreaming up one-liners for my Two and a Half Men Spec Script to give a brief run down for the latest happenings:

I am hooked on Supernatural!  Had this happened a few months ago, I would be writing a spec script for that show. The dramatic action style fits my writing to a T, and I have always been interest in the mystical, more archeological than demonic though.

I pitched my log lines last week: I will be writing a drama and a comedy, later in the term. I am stoked! 

In animation class we are developing spec scripts for Kid vs. Kat (Tom and Jerry with a more violent edge) and one of our own ideas. Mine is called Treasure Hounds - it's about three adventurous canines who travel the globe recovering ancient relics of their world all while outrunning and outwitting the evil feline Lord Seamus and his vicious FANGS (an acronym for their motto: Feline Agents Never Grant Surrender). Think Indiana Jones meets Cats vs. Dogs in a Disney animated series similar to Kim Possible. I am working on the poster in my off hours.

Personally, it has been, go to school, go home and do home work and go to bed. I am looking forward to the snow melting so I can start hiking in the BC mountains.  There are a few provincial parks in the area with trails that top out on the peaks with great views of the city and ocean.

That is about it. Not too exciting, but I am sure things will pick up. Until then take care and stay tuned.


What is the rule of three?

A: In screenwriting three is everywhere: Three act structure, three beats (main points) to a B plot, three beats to a supporting character's arc, three types of stories - Hero goes on a journey, stranger comes to town, and town is rocked by scandal - a love triangle between characters, Bang, Bang BOOM - for action. Three is the maximum number before people get annoyed or bored.  The next television show or movie you watch, start counting, three is the magic number for a gag to play out, for the drama to be built up, for a secret to be revealed. Three never overstays it's welcome. Tune in and count.  You might be surprised. I was. 

Next post: Film Noir.

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  1. Hey there Mr Kyle! Its Heather from NIC..I was hoping to ask you a question about your previous position. If you have a moment could you contact me?!