Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Play time is over...



My first term is winding down and I am gearing up to pitch three feature film ideas.  I am thinking one sci-fi/horror (Project Skylight - about seven survivors of a plane crash who must escape an island overrun with genetically enhanced insects), one thriller (One More Run: about a desperate, blue collar man who - in order to fund his wife's chemo treatments - enters a vicious cannonball run sponsored by a scrupulous Russian Mobster) and one drama (either AM 1450 - about a African American radio host in 1960 - or Spokane Man - about an affable old man in a 1930's retirement home who convinces a young journalist to go on a cross country trip to Wyoming in search of a cache hidden by Butch Cassidy). 

Earlier this week I pitched an episode idea for Two and a Half Men: 

Alan starts dating a sexy yet pale model that Charlie, Jake, Evelyn and Berta all think is a vampire. She 'works' nights at a hospital, she dreads the sunlight, hates garlic, wears gold not silver, and is a history buff... because she lived it? They confront Alan at a Halloween party (where the woman dresses the part) but Alan gets defensive and to prove she is not a vampire, he plans to stay the night at her basement apartment. Meanwhile, in order to impress a woman, Charlie pretends to be an animal rescue volunteer and takes in a stray 'cat', which actually is a raccoon and is now loose in his Malibu pad.  Left to his own devices, Alan ruins the relationship with the model in typical 'Alan fashion' while Charlie wins the heart of a woman for his valiant effort to rescue animals from the exterminator he called to eradicate the raccoon.

That was my one minute pitch.  Now I have to make a beat sheet (shortened outline) for the episode. Laura Doyle is the instructor for the TV Spec class, she worked on Early Edition, which was one of my favorite shows growing up.

In the last week my class has studied such films & TV Series as the Graduate, Legally Blond, About a boy, My Girl Friday, Barton Fink, Fargo, House, Grey's Anatomy, Casablanca, Battlestar Galactica, and Curse of the Black Pearl. We break down three act structure, inciting incidents and character arcs. So awesome!  Who knew, all those years I spent watching TV instead of doing my math would actually pay off:)

I also had to pitch a made up movie from a list of dummy log lines retrieved from a gag book. Here is what I ended up with: A NFL football player, realizes his passion for dance in a documentary narrated by James Earl Jones.  So I pitched an hour long documentary called: Dancing with the Star Wars featuring Warren Sapp.

On a personal note, I started running again. There are a few parks around my neighborhood (one with a nice pond) that are a great escape from the black top and concrete.  I can see the mountains from the Skytrain every morning, but it's not the same as Idaho. 

So there are the happenings for the week.  Take care and stay tuned...


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