Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of Term One



 I am kicking back listening to Free Bird celebrating the end of term one. On deck for next term are classes such as: TV SPEC II, Script Genre: Crime, Dialogue, Basic tools and the one I am really looking forward to: Writing for Animation. It looks like a light load, but the reason is I'll have more writing to do on my own. For TV Spec I am paired with the head of the writing department, Michael Baser, so I have to be on top of my game. 

But this weekend I get to relax.  I am finishing up Andrew Horton's Laughing Out Loud while reading Clive Cussler's Trojan Odyssey at the bus/train stops. I am also watching CW's Reaper (Simple yet funny), Supernatural (Action, horror and a muscle car - it is filmed in Vancouver), It's always Sunny in Philadelphia (crude and hilarious), Two and  Half Men (the best one liners on TV), History Channel's City of the Underworld (A modern day Indiana Jones), and CBC's In Search Of Myths and Heroes (A modern day Alan Quartermain)  I seem to always have more than one iron in the fire.  Who wants to live a stress free life?  

And as promised here is my latest writing project. A twenty line poem for style class:


Two single people
Two busy streets
Two curious glances
Two numbers exchanged

Two nights later
Two place settings
Two opera tickets
Two enchanted hours

Two stubborn opinions
Two hours shouting
Two heartfelt apologies

Two golden bands
Two-car garage
Two golden retrievers
Two boys and a girl

Two coffee mugs
Two rocking chairs

Two head stones

Lately, I have been exploring Stanley Park, the pride of Vancouver. A thousand acre urban park, the largest city park in Canada and third in North America (it is 10% larger than Central Park). It is my escape.  The towering cedars drown out the city noise so I can relax. There is a bench overlooking a secluded lake where I can sit, watch the ducks swim by and brainstorm until the sun goes down. A little slice of home in the urban jungle. 

So until next time, take care an stay tuned...


Question of the Post:
What is the difference between Montage and Series of Shots?

Answer: They are similar because they are both multiple shots that progress the story. However, the difference is that a series of shot happens in one location, in or around the same time ala: a highlight reel (i.e. - Hoosiers: during the Championship game when Jimmy and the boys go on their scoring spree.)  Montage is a cluster of shots in different locations, at different times all linked thematically ala: a tale of love (i.e. - Casablanca during Rick's flashback when he and Ilsa met in Paris.)

Next post: the rule of three.

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