Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy



This week has been pretty intense. I wrote a poem, formatted a short story into a screenplay, read, rewrote and read some more, created a game show for my group's Working Girl presentation, had to pitch a movie I loathed (The new Dukes of Hazzard movie with Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson) as if I loved it, and I finished a character analysis of my protagonist and antagonist for the first screenplay I get to pitch at the end of next week. The general consensus is to pitch a sci-fi or a drama. They say comedy is a tough sell and action adventure scripts are too high priced for Canadian production companies.  And the 29's and 28's (those are the classes before me) said for your first feature you want to pick something that you are not emotionally attached to because it will be shredded in workshops for the next 8 weeks.

In my Biz Pitch class I am pitching a remake of an existing movie and a sequel to a movie that has never had one.  For the remake I chose Arachnophobia, I think Jack Black would be a great for the John Goodman character.  And I chose to do a sequel to the Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon hit Some Like it Hot. I call it  Some Like it Hotter:

Joe and Jerry's musical grand daughters - Michelle and Georgia - are on the run from a ruthless loan shark and have to dress as men and join a rock band on tour in Mexico to escape death.  The girls simultaneously and covertly court the same man, the handsome yet emotionally distressed lead singer, Carl Jones.  Soon Michelle finds herself living a duel existence pretending to be Michael, the drummer and Martina the Latin landowner in pursuit of Carl's real estate.  Georgia also finds herself in the crosshairs of a rich music woman, Salena Perez who wants to make George (Georgia) the lead singer of her own nightclub band.  But as soon as things start heating up romantically the loan shark and his goons close in.  Michelle and Georgia must make a choice, cut bait or sleep with the fishes.  

It's a new twist on an old story.

I found a basketball court out back in the alley to shoot on. However, after sinking a couple shots from outside something seemed fishy.  So I walked up to the rim and raised my hand. Then I took a step back and dunked the ball.  The rim is a little over 9' tall.  Dang it.  But the dunk made me feel good.

A couple of my classmates and I went to UBC (University of British Columbia) Thunderbirds basketball game on Saturday night.  That was awesome! They are 21-2 and rocked VFU by 20+. Now I am jazzed for the NBA all star game coming up on the 14th-15th of this month.

And now I have to do a rewrite for my Jim Reaper script and break down the structure of Legally Blond between the 60-75 minute mark before tomorrow.

Until next post, take care and stay tuned...


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