Tuesday, January 6, 2009

VFS: Let the adventure begin...



I am finishing up the book: Laughing Out Loud, by Andrew Horton. A slick intellectual read that dives into the world of comedy, many of his references are from France, Mexico and Slavic countries. But for the last hour I have been side tracked researching the legend of Atlantis. Everyone has their theory (Santorini, N. America, the depths of the Atlantic, Cuba - Yep Castro has been hiding Atlantis for years), however Jim Allen dug up some very compelling evidence that places Atlantis on the west side of South America. He compares the Poseidon legend with that of an Inca legend, which recounts the tale of Tunapa "god of the waterways," who is said to have destroyed the ancient city with violent quakes and a flood. Interesting.

The reason I bring this up is because I am scheduled to write two 110-page feature film screenplays and I wanted to base one on the legend of Atlantis. Here's the pitch: An adventure/comedy about an American Intelligence officer - Jackson McMillan - who is called to action when the villainous Sigma Corporation, headed by a rogue U.S. agent raids an Asian archaeological site plundering artifacts linked to the lost city of Atlantis. In order to thwart the Corps scheme, McMillan teams up with a goofy computer tech for a globe-trotting race through the hills of Ireland, the streets of Madrid, and the temples of India to a remote Caribbean Island where they discover an ancient, underwater necropolis harboring mystical powers that could destroy the world.

That's just one of the idea's swimming through my brain at the moment. My brain is like an onion, lots of layers:) That's for you Deano.

So far there is a really creative group of writers in my class from all over the world. They really have a drive to succeed. I already find myself feeding off their energy, kinda of like drafting when you run. And they all have innovative ideas and inspirations, which will be awesome to tap into throughout the year.

Well I have to get some sleep before copyright orientation tomorrow, followed by a 'Tech up' workshop. Take care.


P.S. Sage advice 036: Just because the label is translated into French does not make it French bread. So put it back and get the cheap stuff.

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