Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stairwell pitch



I am just sitting down with a warm bowl of Mac and Cheese and a log line for Romancing the Stone that needs to be rehearsed for my stairwell pitch tomorrow. Wednesday is going to be a huge day!

I pitch three original ideas (Roommates - a mocumentary about the perils of rooming with a polar opposite, Tag - an animated action piece about a rambunctious game of tag between a young boy and his pet Velociraptor and Couch Time - a comedy about the dynamically insane relationship between a therapist and her patient who thinks he is a super hero). That morning I turn in a critique of 'Some Like it Hot." Awesome movie if you have not seen it. Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis. Quick, witty dialogue.

Then in the afternoon I pitch the 'Romancing the Stone' line while walking down a flight of stairs. Selling an idea is hard. Selling an idea, making eye contact while walking down a flight of stairs backwards... well, we'll see.

I met Tim Brown, President of Distribution of InSight productions in Vancouver. He gave a half hour talk about the business side of the movie market. Good thing I am passionate about writing and not in it for the money. He said if we have an idea, write up a one-page synopsis and send it to him directly. He reads everything himself, because InSight is small enough that he wants to help develop talent. He is friendly, approachable and down to earth kind of guy looking for action sci-fi scripts with female protagonists. And wouldn't you know it; I have one locked away in the vault. I'll let you know the response when I pitch it to him.

I have agreed to play street hockey this weekend. Should be an interesting experience. I have not attempted such a feat since we took an old chew can, wrapped it in electrical tape and kicked it around the icy basketball court in elementary school. Even then, my foot-eye coordination was not that grand.

Well I am off to rehearse my pitch. Take care and stay tuned...


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