Sunday, January 11, 2009

basketball and short films



I spent the morning scouring the local parks for a basketball court. The pickings are bleak. There is an elementary school close by with hoops, although I'll be waiting for the weekends to go shoot around. I really don't want to mimic Samuel L. Jackson in the comeback (2002). If you want a laugh check out:

The above was one of the short films we previewed in Friday's class. We also watched two from Juno's Director Jason Reitman's earlier days


and In God we Trust:

Our class will be previewing short films for the next two weeks before we pen our own 5-9 page script. Feel free to recommend any short films you have found humorous or inspirational. I am looking to soak in as much as possible before I start writing.

I received my first assignment on Friday. Write a three paragraph short story (any subject) using proper three act structure. I chose to do a historical piece on the Van Doo: the French Canadian infantry regiment formed during the outset of WWI. I will be posting a polished draft later in the week.

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