Monday, December 29, 2008

Vancouver BC



Ahh, Vancouver BC. The lights, the sirens, the SNOW! I thought I could out run it, or at least hide from it for a year, but I seem destined to reside in a winter wonderland. oh bien! The 6 a.m. morning report claimed the pass was clear sky and 20 degrees. The reality: slush, snow, rain, chains and slide offs. The blazer chewed through the snow, passing guard rails sprinkled with foreign bumpers and mangled rubber. Ten hours and a quick border crossing later I am relaxing in the city of opportunity listening to Jeopardy with my parents and little sister in a cramped hotel room debating on whether we want Chinese, Japanese, kebabs, Portuguese, Italian, etc... I want to try them all. And in time, I will. I have a year, one year to make the most of this wonderful opportunity, 365 days to broaden my horizons, 12 months to expand my network and 8,760 hours to write, write, write.

Seven days remaining. Seven days until a dream becomes a reality. Seven days...


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