Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold day for memories



In the twilight of my days at North Idaho College, I am spending the afternoon dubbing mathematics tapes in the old IMS studio. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be my finale; the curtain call to a career that has allowed me to blossom creatively, socially and emotionally. As I stare out at NIC's snow covered terrain, I will always be grateful for the experiences I have enjoyed at this wonderful slice of Heaven.
The first person I met on campus was the energetic John Jensen. If not for him, I would have attended ITT. John gave me my first job as a sports specialist, keeping stats at NIC's sporting events. As I fumbled along, awkwardly adjusting to student life, I fell into a situation that would change my life forever.
Posted on the bulletin board was a colorful flier advertising a job opening for camera operators. I stripped the flier from the wall and tracked the room number to a dark alcove in Boswell Hall. A door sign read: Welcome, come on in. I never hesitated.
Eight years later, I am crossing that same threshold. Walking out Instructional Media Services' door. A door that helped inspire this new adventure.
My first job at IMS was washing windows. Soon I found myself working my way through the Public Forum ranks. In eight years, I went from camera op, to graphics and audio op, to technical director and spent 52 shows sitting in the director's chair. A close knit team comprised of a Tech guru, a stallion videographer, AV angels, a slew of eager part time students teamed with a Human Rights minded host and panelists, we brought quality, educational programing to the inland northwest and Canada.
I am forever grateful for that wonderful, educational experience. It was an ego-less environment. A place to learn, grow, mature, succeed. Now I am taking those lessons and skills with me to a foreign land.
I got my start at NIC. I will always remember and appreciate the time that I spent here. The lasting friendships that I have made here. Trust me, I will remember...


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  1. Kyle, you don't know how much I would like to be there for your last day at NIC. On and off the court you have always been the same steady friend. When we first met I knew that you were one of that rare breed that always goes very far. I remember talking to Alex and saying the “Kyle is one of us!” and you are and will always be. If you ever need anything, you can count on me, steadfast as a Heavy-D pick. If you visit Cd’A our door and spare bed is always there. Take care you “little shit”, keep in touch.